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Wiltshire Stud Sheep, Prime Lamb & Agriculture

Wilson Pastoral is a family business. We have worked the land all our lives, and are passionate about bringing the best produce to the world. Wilson Pastoral incorporates four profitable agricultural properties in rural South Australia. It includes the world’s largest Wiltshire sheep stud, home to the Wiltshire Horn and Poll Wiltshire breeds. Widely recognised for their succulent, tender meat, international demand is growing from both a consumer and breeding point of view.

Byarlea Wiltshire Sheep

  • Wiltshires are a prime lamb, wool shedding breed
  • Wiltshire sheep do not require shearing, crutching or mulesing.
  • Wiltshires are suitable for the organic producer.
  • Our Wiltshires are grazed on predominantly native Australian pasture plants and also agricultural land. They have a unique flavour as the Wiltshires are a original English Downs breed renowned for their meat quality.

Meat Quality

The Wiltshire prime lamb meat is tender and delicious. The premium Wiltshire lamb has a unique flavour as the Wiltshires are grazed in a natural open range environment. The succulent and tender and delicious meat is light in texture, fine grained and lean. The Wiltshire lamb has a very pleasant, delicious cooking aroma.

Our Background

Brian and Jill Wilson have been on their property since 1986. Their agricultural property has been in the family since 1872. They have vast experience in agriculture and sheep breeding. They have been running Wiltshire Horn sheep since 1994 (click to go to Wiltshire Horn site) and have been developing the new Poll Wiltshire breed since 2005 (click here to go to Poll Wiltshire site). The Wilson’s have been increasing their Wiltshire sheep numbers on their four properties in South Australia located in the Mid North, Mallee and Eyre Peninsula. Their aim is to supply the unique tasting prime Wiltshire lamb throughout Australia and the world. The difference between our lamb and the other breeds is the delicious, unique, tender taste. The Wilson’s have exported Wiltshire Horn live breeding sheep and genetics to the Middle East, New Zealand, USA and South Africa. The demand continues to grow.

Australian Arid Plants

The Wilson’s have been increasing their Wiltshire sheep numbers on their four properties in South Australia located in the Mid North, Mallee and Eyre Peninsula. The diversity of their properties allows them to supply good feed and nutrition to the sheep on natural pastures. WPA grows cereal crops of wheat and barley and hay for sheep feed and export. The property in the Eyre Peninsula and one property in the Mid North have the Wiltshires grazing on Australian saltbush and bluebush and understorey plants. The meat is naturally seasoned and delicious. The first cross Wiltshire lambs are exceptional.

Saltbush Livestock Pellets

Wilson Pastoral are bringing the "Saltbush flavour to the lamb"

After years of observing sheep grazing saltbush pastures, understanding the plant's nutritional benefits and limitations, Brian Wilson developed a theory of harvesting the saltbush for stock feed.

Wilson Pastoral have now developed the new saltbush stockfeed pellet using a combination of saltbush and bluebush, barley and vetch hay, barley, straw, oats and premix.

visit saltbushpellets.com.au to find out more


Brian and Jill Wilson
Email: jill.wilson@wilsonpastoral.com.au
Phone: +61 428366219